Our Work

Businesses are constantly seeking sources of competitive advantage. Research indicates that companies with the highest representation of women in their executive leadership team and on their boards outperform companies with low representation on a number of financial indicators.

But getting there can be a challenge:

  • Retention: Retaining senior women managers is difficult for many organisations. The pool is small, mobility between companies is high and senior women often elect to leave the corporate world entirely.
  • Leadership pipeline: Creating a pipeline of women managers who can be promoted from middle management level to Senior Management and beyond is daunting.
  • Corporate culture: Even with gender diversity strategies in place, organisations encounter cultural and attitudinal obstacles to successful execution.

How can Pamon Consulting help?

  • We are a strategic change management and leadership consultancy
  • We design the value propositions that appeal to people of either gender and from all kinds of cultures and turn them into practical policies
  • We embed the practices that make a diverse culture come alive
  • We coach and develop both women and men at all stages of the pipeline

Why we’re good at this?

  • We have a collective 50+ years experience working with blue chips, private labels, NGO’s and individual leaders
  • Pam broke through several glass ceilings herself and works with others that seek to do the same.
  • It’s our passion to see the end result – organisations where everyone can realise their potential