Gender Diversity Strategies

Designing Gender Diversity Strategies

info graphicAttracting and retaining senior women is a perennial problem for many companies. Having a value proposition that goes beyond the obvious and gets to the root of frustration and disillusionment with the corporate world is crucial.

We support you in crafting value propositions that:

  • Identify the key issues that concern the high potential women in your organisation through targeted assessments
  • Tweak your EVP to target this distinctive staff segment
  • Design policies, practices, guidelines and measurement that support women’s advancement
  • Deal with unconscious bias, which is a form of indirect discrimination, and address any exclusionary practices that have crept into your talent management processes
  • Embed new attitudes and practices through structured change management processes to guarantee successful execution

Executive Coaching

A balanced leadership style, high EQ, ability for self insight and transforming the way you lead from day to day are all things that require reflection and engaging with your own thoughts, feelings and mindsets. The ideas are easy to come to grips with, it’s putting them into practice that stymie most people. Coaching gives you the safe space and time to get it right.

Coaching Women Leaders

Coaching women leaders fits in an overall leadership development model for both sexes. But there are specific themes that recur at the different stages of the career lifecyle when coaching women. We coach women leaders to maximise their own potential, manage the very real challenges they face and facilitate change in their organisations.