Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Developing leadership competence of women leaders throughout the organisation is critical to achieving balanced representation of men and women at Senior Executive and Board level.  We take a three pronged approach:

Leadership Strategy

Firstly we help you craft a clearly defined leadership strategy.  It marries the company’s succession needs to the career plans for high potential women so that they take on the challenging roles and assignments that position them to advance through the organisation.

Development Workshops

Women need to be prepared to take on challenging roles. Our leadership model balances traditionally ‘male’ traits and stereotypically ‘female’ traits as a common thread through our development programmes at the same time recognising that there are different complexities at various points in the career lifecycle from graduate to board member. Intervening and preparing women for the very real challenges they face at critical points in the lifecycle prevents pipeline ‘leakage’ and keeps the talent pool intact.


Coaching is a proven methodology to deepen learning and put unfamiliar routines into practice.  Our coaching interventions extend the work of development workshops or stand alone in the development of leadership competence.

Group Coaching

Women as young as their late 20’s start to drop out of the corporate world and weaken the talent pool and leadership pipeline. Group coaching at this critical turning point is an effective tool to help them overcome the challenges they face and to stay engaged.